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I am proud to be the Official Photographer for the ANBF!

I became a professional photographer back in 2001 (not too long after 9-11). Being named the Director Of Photography for the ANBF since 2015 has been a very rewarding experience for me, as well as for the competitors. I LOVE putting a smile on Your face when you see yourself through MY camera!

How It Works?

Simply follow these steps and prepare to be dazzled!

Step One

Fill out the form. Make sure you enter in which show you are signing up for in the section for “Additional Notes”.

Step Two

It is very important that you check-in with me the day of the show to give me your competitor number. That way I can also put a face to the name!

Step Three

Relax and go get ready for the competition. Rest assured that you will receive the best quality images. That’s it! It is really that EASY!



“Hey Lance, Thanks so much for the pics. You did an INCREDIBLE job capturing every moment and they look amazing. Can’t wait to see the video! It will be worth the wait!”
Jennifer Mercieca
Figure Competitor

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Individual Photo Shoot Packages

Frequently Asked Questions


I tell everyone to allow 2 weeks for the photos and 4-6 weeks for the video.

Of the photos taken of you yourself,  unfortunately not. However, I would be more than happy to show you photos taken of others at the show to give you an idea of the quality of the images.  I do understand that sometimes there are concerns with lighting, but typically, I am able to handle any and all situations that may arise.


Stage-shot photos are unedited (other than color adjustments / correcting) that way you will see EXACTLY what the judges saw while you were on-stage. You will be able to critique and make any tweaks to your training and prep’s for future competitions.

The package includes,the pre-judging, stage routine, finals, and the awards.  Typically you will receive between 20 to 50 images (the amount of images varies, depending on how many times you are onstage). The ANBF shows are a straight through format. So each time you step onstage, I am shooting! If you come out in multiple classes, that means you will get more photos!

***Please note*** 

The fees are separated by DIVISION.  For example:  Bikini Division, Bodybuilding Division, Classic Bikini Division.  Each Division is separated by CLASS. Competing in multiple Classes is included in the package.  For example: Figure Debut Class, Figure Novice Class, Figure Masters Class, Figure Open Class.

I normally send the photos by means of a link in your email for you to download the .zip file to your device.  I highly recommend that you to download them to your Windows computer or an Android tablet.  But if you are a Mac user, then I can assist with that.

If you are an Apple/Mac user I recommend you download and install this free App. Once installed, you will never have another problem with any .zip file ever again.

Iphone / Ipad – Zip file viewer

Absolutely!  I can send them out in the mail to you on either a CD or a USB Flash drive.  Just make sure you specify which one suits you the best

The day of the show (or possibly the night before some shows, at check-in) make sure you check-in with me as well.  I will need a couple of things from you so that we are both on the same page and there are no mix ups.

For the photos, I usually have them out to you in less than 2 weeks time. But things can happen / go wrong or I could be traveling, or photographing another event which would slow down the process.  So I simply ask for a little patience.  The photos will be well worth the wait.

I stand behind my products and your satisfaction with them is important to me. However, because the products are digital goods and delivered via the internet, I generally do NOT offer refunds.  If you change your mind about your purchase and HAVE NOT downloaded the products to your virtual drive or computer system or phone, I will happily issue you a refund upon your request.  Refund requests made after you have downloaded the products are handled on a case by case basis and are issued at my sole discretion.  Refund requests, if any, must be made within 30 days of your original purchase


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